Product Return Policies

  1. We do not accept request for cancellation order on which products has been sent by Demotif Studio, as order was already put in the system and was taken by the courier.
  2. We may accept order cancellation by the buyer as long as the order has not yet been sent by Demotif Studio.
  3. Demotif Studio always documented and shared products in photos as in good condition and double checked for type and quantity to comply with the order, through the buyer inbox chat.
  4. Replacement of damaged products or missing due to mishandling by the courier will be covered by the insurance policy of each courier / e-commerce used.

Term and conditions on compensation of defect products or less number of items

  1. We apologize if the products received was not satisfactory. Demotif Studio will replace for any less number or defect products of your order, whenever unboxing full (without pause) video recorded included as evidence.
  2. Demotif Studio used special color markers when making stitch pattern of pillow cases which may totally disappeared after washed. Please do not worry when finding any color markers at some edges near stitching. These color stain can be washed clean.
  3. Textile products of Demotif Studio which categorized as defect including torn / perforated fabric, break / stuck up zipper caused hardly swipe close – open, product size under or over the standard tolerance ± 1 cm.
  4. Please send your unboxing video evidence as mentioned in point 1 above through Whatsapp Demotif Studio +6281335535862. Enclose photo of your invoice order and detail complaint to our Admin is necessary.
  5. We will accomplish the compensation process within 5 working days.

Any Question ? Please do not hesitate to contact our custommer service for more detail information about our products / services

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