In 8 August 2017, the name of DEMOTIF is established from combined DE as for Della Wanasuria, founder of DEMOTIF STUDIO, and MOTIF as for representing the aesthetics main value of all our products. Moreover it has meaning the pattern of designed.

Our logo reflecting an always growing creativity and innovation. Every product we create is a visualization of creating act and innovative manifestation from our professional designer.


Vision is to create products aligned with individual culture and character. Idea of our concept is to provide any products of home decoration which distinctive aesthetically unique with affordable price for all people.

We worked hard to continuously creating every aesthetics value design with color in harmony, unique motif pattern, comfort material, and suit to every individual home. Vary collection motif pattern also available in thematic of certain ethnic culture.

Any Question ? Please do not hesitate to contact our custommer service for more detail information about our products / services

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